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Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing
When to climb?
The mountain is climbed throughout the year, but the best times are January and February, and from July to October. The mountain has the same weather as the rest of northern Tanzania - which means short rains in November and long rains in April, May and early June.

Which route?

There are a number of different routes to the summit. Below is some information about each of them.

Marangu Route -
This is the most popular route - and is sometimes called the 'tourist route'. It is also the cheapest and depending on how many days you take to do the climb, generally regarded as the easiest.

Machame Route -
Rated by many as the most beautiful and scenic route to the top, the Machame route usually takes six days on the mountain, though many people choose to take a day longer to allow time to acclimatize.

Umbwe Route -
This is a much less utilized route. Those who know it argue this is the most beautiful route to ascend the mountain, however it is much shorter than the other routes, it is also much steeper meaning there can be less time to acclimatize.

Rongai Route -
This route is fast gaining in popularity and is considered to be one of the easiest routes up the mountain. It is the only route starting from the north side of the mountain at Rongai a small village close to the Kenya border.

Lemosho Route -
The Lemosho Route is an unspoilt, remote and beautiful way up to the Shira Plateau. It can either be used to gain the Western Breach route or followed by the Kibo South Circuit to ascend by the easier Barafu Route.
Mount Kenya climbing Routes/Itineraries
There are three main routes, which penetrate the forest and the moorland. The routes are Naromoru route, Sirimon route and Chogoria route and each of which has something different to offer.

Climbing Mount Kenya Naromoru route -
The fastest route to point Lenana but not as scenic as the other two. It is often overcrowded with many climbers since it's the most popular route compared to Chogoria route and Sirimon route.

Mount Kenya Climbing Chogoria route -
The most scenic and interesting of the three main routes on the mountain.
The route passes the enchanting Hall Tarns and looks down sheer cliffs into the spectacular Gorges Valley and onto the beautiful Lake Michaelson.

Climbing Mount Kenya Sirimon route -
The least used of the three main routes, but features the most gradual ascent profile and best acclimatisation options and above all the most interesting since its on the drier side on the mountain. The route passes through impressive Yellowwood forests in the lower reaches and features abundant wildlife and beautiful alpine scenery higher up.

There are other four routes up Point Lenana but are least known and used. These are: Burguret Route, Timau Route, Meru Route and Kamweti Route

Note: The normal pattern of weather on Mount Kenya is for clear mornings with mist closing in from 10:00am although this can clear by evening. Therefore, early morning starts are the order of the day with a 2am start for the final ascent to point Lenana, if you want to catch the sunrise.

Mount Kenya Climbing Itineraries

4 Days Mount Kenya Climbing Naro Moru Route
4 Days Mount Kenya Trekking Sirimon Route
5 Days Mount Kenya Trekking Chogoria Route Down Naro Moru
5 Days Mount Kenya Sirimon Route Down Chogoria
6 Days Trekking Mount Kenya Sirimon - Naro Moru with peak circuit route
The Great Migration

Serengeti Annual Wildebeest Migration Safari

One of the greatest natural wonders of the world is the annual Great Migration that
crosses the Serengeti region of northern Tanzania. Travel with us and you
will travel right into the heart of the terrain where this remarkable animal trek occurs.

Serengeti Hot Air Balloon Ride Safaris
Serengeti hot air balloon ride

A Serengeti hot air balloon ride is an adventure that can easily be included in safari itineraries that include at least two nights in central Serengeti or Western Corridor Camps (Grumeti River Camp, Kirawira Camp, Mbalageti Camp, etc).

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